In a time where Lebanon is starting to be more eco-conscious, an old invention, used to provide heat and utility to our forefathers, is making a come-back. We present to you the Stouff, a new modern looking stove, efficiently designed with the environment in mind and competitively priced to cope with society’s needs.

We have re-imagined the traditional Stove, called Stouff (or Baboor) in Lebanon, to fit in our modern spaces. With a new modern look and an energy efficient design, the Stouff is built to maximize the energy output for the minimum use of wood. It also contains a space for cooking and could be linked to a house’s central heating system.
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Best object award

This stove is a new take on traditional Lebanese stoves. This design has won the Object award at Beirut Design Fair in 2017, touching the memories of the Lebanese



This object is executed in Lebanon by local artisans, and known by its efficiency and eco-friendliness. It has an oven for cooking.


Log Holder

This 5 millimetre steel log holder is executed by Lebanese artisans. It is an accessory that stands next to Stouff holding the wood. Simple and modern design.